We believe more in good service than the sales. Because good service increase sales!

Reebeca.com is an online international “Animated Wedding Invitation” provider operating with the micropayment business model. Animated Videos cost starts from US$10. Reebeca was founded in September, 2010. Originally Reebeca.com was a free animated wedding invite provider website. Over the course of time, it transitioned into its current micropayment model and began charging money in 2011. Now Reebeca have a professional team of animators, video editors, sketch and storyboard artists.

In Reebeca.com buyers can purchase fixed-price services like “Available Animated Wedding Video Invite”, “Customized Animated Wedding Video Invite”, “Printable Wedding Invite” and “Wedding Website”. We sell animated invite videos in a variety of formats from web-size, through NTSC and PAL up to HDV ,HD and FULL HD sizes. The available animated invite videos range in cost from $10 USD to $40 USD, based on animated scenes. The “Customized Animated Wedding Video Invite” cost depends on client’s stories and no of animated scenes.

Our clients are mainly the couples who are getting married soon. And all of our clients are happy with our services. We have successfully delivered our “Animated Wedding Invitation” all over the world, manly to USA, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Holland, South Africa, Vienna Austria, Brazil, Canada, Sudan, Finland, Kuwait, France, Colombia, Scotland, Indonesia, Dubai, Israel, Malaysia, UAE, Azerbaijan, Spain, Philippines, Egypt, Nederland and waiting to deliver to your country also.

Good Service

We believe more in good service than the sales. Because good service increase sales! We create fresh and memorable work every time.

Worldwide Delivery

Our Clients are from all over the world. And we deliver available videos anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

Urgent Deadline

Need to meet a super urgent deadline? Get your video done in as little as 5 business days! Our team is capable of handling rush orders.

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We usually respond within 24 hours. If you do not receive any email from our side, please directly send us email at info@reebeca.com