Siddharth's Last Bachelor Birthday
Wedding Date: 25th August 2016

Story Summary: The video is for my fiancé birthday!! Basically the idea I have in my mind is merging animated videos, pictures, my video clip and few of his friends video clips.. So I was thinking to start the thing with a video of me carrying balloons and with the balloons flying in the sky with happiee birthday written!! I can shoot the video and send you!! Then we can put one animated video of a child born(something similar to the video on your website of a bird carrying a child then dropping in the house) we can add his family people and their names and then we can put some of his childhood pictures.. Then we can again add some animated video of few of his childhood incidents with his family and then few pictures again!! Then we can again add an animated video of him going to school and some incidents then few pictures and video clips with his school friends and then we can add another animated video of his higher studies at Mumbai and then pictures and video clips.. Then something of how we met!! We getting engaged and then I can add pictures with me, engagement pictures, video clips... Etc etc!! So this is the basic concept I am thinking of!!

Project Details: We were contacted by email by Siddharth's fiance Ravina. She wanted an Animated birthday video Presentation to showcase on her fiance's birthday. And also as a surprise gift to him. This was Siddharth's Last Bachelor Birthday, so she wanted the video to be awesome. She wanted the video to be combination of live action footages, animated scenes, image slideshows and live action video wishes. She gathered all the birthday wishing videos of Siddharth's friends and families from all over the world, the images of Siddharth from his childhood to present. She also filmed the starting live action video where she appears with the balloons and the actual balloons turns to cartoons. Our professional team has worked hard with the 100+ images, 14+ live action videos and animation to create every details to fit her vision and ensure to include everything she imagined. The final animated wedding video presentation was delivered on time with Full HD 1080p resolution. It was projected in front of the friends and family via projector. And the 18 minute animated video made the fuction more live and joyful. Siddharth was surprised and very happy with the video presentation.

Birthday: 25th August 2016