Junbo & Vivian (Malaysia & China)
Wedding Date: March 13, 2016

Story Summary: I was use to follow my friend’s (actually one couple with one child - young boy) car (last time I don’t have my own car yet) to Church (Make sure no cross "+" sign if you want to design a church), My Spouse always standing at the church car park entries to wait for her parents to drive out from car parking, where we came down from church car parking, I would always see her face, she just like very cute girl looking to the east and west (because she was waiting her parents), she always carry smile. Of course I had observe her for some times already.... (for more see the below video)

Project Details: We were contacted by email by Junbo. He wanted a very nice animated wedding video presentation to showcase on his wedding day. And also as a surprise gift to his Wife and mother in law. We asked for the real story of them. After he accepted the quote we started his project. Our professional team has worked hard to create every details to fit his vision and ensure to include everything he imagined. The final animated wedding video presentation was delivered on time with Full HD 1080p resolution. It was projected in front of the wedding guests via projector. And the animated video made the fuction more live and joyful. Vivian & her mother was surprised to see the story in animation. They loved the video and it became the most valuable surprise gift for Vivian and her mother. We wished them a wonderfull love life.

Their Testimonial : You have done a great job. We had been appreciated for this animated video. It brought so much joy to our guests, everybody loved the animated video and laughed a lot.