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It’s the dream of every engaged couple like you. When it comes to your wedding reception, the first party you’ll host as husband and wife, you want your family and friends to be so entertained, engaged and having fun that they all tell you “WOW! This is the best wedding reception I’ve ever attended!” Yes, the cake, gown and centerpieces are all important, but your wedding won't be just another cookie-cutter wedding. When planning a wedding, the same themes and ideas keep making rounds, and that’s why 1000’s of couples end up having the same wedding year after year. Are you ready to set your wedding apart from all the others that will happen this year and have an event that all your guests will be talking about for years to come?

Here is the top idea to make your wedding a standout celebration. Here’s Your Chance to Surprise Your Soulmate, Family or Wedding Guests And Transform Your wedding Into An Event To Remember! This day is all about your love for one another. Maybe you have strong feelings about the person you are about to marry and want to tell the world your story…but have no idea how.

It’s actually quite simple to have a wedding that says this wedding is the representation of a love story that is uniquely yours. We offer you the ability to present an animated video story that tells the story of your love life. From the first date to the wedding, with a beautiful & creative animation. Each character (you and your soulmate) is sketched and animated to allow you the opportunity to give your guests a unique glimpse into the love that you share with your soon to be husband/wife. While guests are enjoying their meal, showcase your animated video. You can really touch your guest’s hearts with a wedding video presentation. We will create a spectacular wedding video that will make your wedding the talk of the town & everyone will talk about for years.

Here’s How It Works… Send us your love story as soon as you get engaged so that we can convert your real love story to a nice animated video for you. Below is an example video of "Animated Video Presentation" video. It can be for wedding / reception / anniversary or birthday party. If you also want to convert your love story to an animated video please contact us now. We will make a nice animated video which you can show to your guests at the Wedding Day in projectors or big monitors.

Example Video

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Every couple has a unique story. And every love story is beautiful.

We can provide beyond your expectations.

Price and delivery:

If you are after the prices and delivery time, please note that we will need to see the project brief that covers the extant of the story boarding, character design, background design, animation, suitable audio etc necessary according to the story, including deadlines.

We would love to answer any inquiries you may have. So fell free to contact us via e-mail You will get reply within 24 hours.

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